The Human Ecology Foundation empowers students to be active members of their community, to do a community service project designed to provoke thought, foster passion, and deliver action to enhance their neighborhood and planet.

Why Human Ecology?

As members of a global society, each one of us has a responsibility to care for both the planet and its inhabitants. The Human Ecology Foundation increases awareness of the world around us and draws upon each individual to develop proactive responses as we take ownership of the suffering and challenges in our world today.

  • “Teaching at its best lights a spark in the soul of the child,” said Mr. Carney, an educator for over thirty years. “The guidebook seeks to light that spark by inspiring students to seek solutions for the serious challenges of our day.”
  • Guides students in grades 7 through College through the research process.
  • Offers multiple project options that go beyond the research paper and instead employ technology and multimedia.
  • Most importantly, the project enlightens students about the fragile human condition and empowers them to make a difference.

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