donationsThe Human Ecology Foundation depends on the support of private individuals, corporations, and foundations to help students make the world a better place. The HEF will be a good steward of your donation and pledges to use your gift to support students in their dreams to change the lives of others, to provide community service, and to foster sustainability for the planet. The mission of the HEF is to award scholarships to the students whose projects have been selected by our board based on relevancy, advocacy, and potential application to make a difference in the lives of people locally and globally.

In this our first year we have awarded over $5,500.00 scholarships. These scholarships have been given to students from grade 7 through college, for the sole purpose of use for secondary or higher education. Through your generosity HEF will award scholarships to students who establish a research project and follow the format of “The Human Ecology Research and Writing Guide”. Since Human Ecology is the primary focus of the foundation, the projects involve students seeking possible solutions to human problems through the development of their research project.

Your help at any level will help students whose projects show merit. Listed below are some suggested levels of support. Please contact Mike Carney to personally discuss our mission and your gift.

Giving Levels

  • The HEF Community Service Scholar: $2,500
  • The John C. Carney Sr. Leadership Scholar: $1,500
  • The Ann Buckley Carney FAITH Scholar: $1,000
  • The Carney Family HOPE Scholar: $500
  • The South Avon LOVE Scholar: $100
  • Grandparents Scholarship: $50
  • Student Gift: $25

Donors:  Please be advised that submitting the form below, will take you to the web site of the Delaware Community Foundation (DCF). The DCF is our partner in connecting individuals and corporations who care and seek to give, with an organization like the Human Ecology Foundation (HEF). The DCF serves as the conduit to bring your gift to the HEF and the mission we serve. Your donation to DCF/HEF is tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Please provide a few details below and you will be forwarded to the DCF website for processing. Your donation, made payable to the DCF, is then directly earmarked to HEF. If you have any questions, please contact Mike Carney at 302-562-7653.

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Thank you for your interest and especially for your donation!

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